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It is always recommended not to stop any product immediately.  The User can always follow the instructions provided by the manufacturer for consumption and discontinuation of product in a systematic way.  Regain of weight within 1 year is not yet observed.

These health product help to block fat or carbohydrate absorption curb your appetite, speed up your metabolism.

Blueez is made of 100 % natural extracts. But it may react with modern medicines.

Hence if at all needed to have other medication, please do keep gap of 4-6 hrs before and after consuming this medicine.  It all depends on what kind of other medication has been prescribed and for what reason. It is always recommended to consult in these kind of situation, so that proper precautionary measures can be taken to avoid any reaction or allergies, if any. Also ensure no alcohol to be consumed during the entire course.

Right time is in morning hours after breakfast around 8.00 AM.

It is recommended to stop immediately using Herbal Gardens Blueez ones you conceive. It should not be consumed during pregnancy or during the Lactation Period.  There is no adverse effect health wise.  We do have healthy happy parents as our long term customers.

Evidence for the effectiveness of herbal medicines is generally very limited. Although some people find them helpful, in many cases their use tends to be based on traditional use rather than scientific research.

Very First day I was not able to sleep and was feeling very thirty, at the same time was very energetic. 2nd day was bit dizzy and lightheaded. Is it normal, but at the same time I’m also losing weight as advised. 
Above said symptoms are normal and it’s ok to feel thirsty at the start, reason due to increase of Nor epinephrine that reduces the function of acetylcholine, also reducing the excretion of saliva. Hence its advisable to intake sufficient amount of water to avoid any sort of digestion issue. Also these herbs reduces appetite which may lead to constipation, hence it’s highly recommended to have lot of water along with fruits and vegetables.

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